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SodaPup Waiting Dogs eTray Enrichment Tray for Dogs

SodaPup Waiting Dogs eTray Enrichment Tray for Dogs

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The SodaPup Waiting Dogs eTray is a multi-purpose feeder your explorer will love! It is a slow feeder, a lick mat and an enrichment tray all in one.  Your dog will engage in a longer mealtime affording him all the benefits like less gas and bloating, and healthy digestion all while stimulating his big brain.   Give your pup the best of both worlds with the SodaPup Waiting Dogs eTray proudly made in the USA.  

ENRICHMENT: Promotes slower eating and healthy digestion. Perfect for all ages, including puppies.

BENEFITS:  Serve wet and dry foods together without the mess. The Waiting Dogs design features varying depths to mimic more natural eating conditions that will challenge your pup's foraging skills. Calms and soothes your dog. Makes meals last longer while aiding digestion and improving gut health. Provides mental stimulation your dog craves to keep unwanted behaviors at bay.

Ideal for flat-nosed breeds that may struggle with deeper slow feeder bowls. 

CARE:  All SodaPup Enrichment eTrays are top-rack dishwasher safe which makes them an easy choice for your dog's entertainment. 

SIZE: 8-inches wide x 8-inches tall, 1 inch thick

WARNING: This is not a chew toy.  Supervise your dog while using this enrichment tool.  If eTray becomes damaged, remove from pet immediately.


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