The Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

Whether you bathe your dog yourself or take them to a groomer, you can’t argue the value of a good-smelling pooch. But grooming done well goes way beyond a clean and fluffy coat. Read on to learn the benefits of a professional groom with insights from a pro groomer who has seen it all.

A Comprehensive Approach

Happy dog with professional groomer.

A professional groomer is trained to do everything from bathe, brush, and trim to identify signs of ear infection or skin issues. They see your dog through an unbiased lens and will offer feedback about what they see going on with your pet. Not only do they trim nails and shave paw pads, a professional groomer understands how to treat varying coats and conditions and will care for your dog according to their specific needs. 

Professional Groomer Elaina Kazmaier has been grooming for 10 years. She has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly side of the process and the one thing she wishes pet parents understood about pro groomers is that “with the right groomer, the most important thing to us, is that we do everything in our power to make sure every pup gets what benefits them the most when it comes to grooming. The last thing I want to have to do is shave down a matted dog, but if that is what is going to be what is beneficial for that pup, then I do what I have to do.” She says she “loves knowing that I make each and every pup feel pampered, especially those who come matted.”          

All the Right Tools

Professional groomers have the right tools to address the various coats, nails, and wrinkles they will service. From differing styles of shears and clippers to an adjustable-height table, they are equipped to tame all of the mats and snarls that come in with their clients. Professional groomers also use a variety of shampoos and conditioners to address shedding, allergies, or even fleas that may be present.

Pug being clipped by professional groomer

An Understanding of Dogs

It is important to handle dogs calmly and with confidence. Pro groomers understand how to manage dogs and are equipped to deal with those who are anxious or aggressive about being groomed.

While groomers are up to the task, always tell your groomer if your dog is aggressive or anxious ahead of the appointment. 

Trained for the Unpleasantries

While it may not be the highlight of a groomer’s latest reel on Insta, they are trained to express anal glands, remove ticks, treat fleas, and shampoo a pooch who had an unlucky encounter with a skunk. All equally unpleasant, but all within the scope of a pro groomer’s skill set. Elaina says, “My least favorite part of the grooming process is seeing pups come in matted or flea infested.” Regardless of the circumstance, a trusted groomer like Elaina will always make the best decision for your dog’s situation.

A Healthy Routine

  • As well as keeping your dog smelling fresh and looking his best, regular
    Dog getting trimmed.
    grooming has many health benefits for your dog.
  • Regular bathing keeps the skin and coat clean and free of irritation.
  • Brushing distributes the skin’s natural oils, helps prevent the matting of the coat, and acts like a gentle massage.
  • De-shedding with specialized brushes helps remove dead hair.
  • Handling provides early detection of lumps, lacerations, skin irritation, or ear infection.
  • Trimming nails keeps the foot resting comfortably on the paw pads while minimizing the risk of broken or torn nails.

Frequency of Grooming

How often you have your dog groomed depends on factors like breed, coat length and type, and environment. It can also vary if you are comfortable doing some touch-up work in between pro grooms.

Whether you visit a groomer every 6 weeks or every 6 months, you can expect to do some grooming at home. Regular teeth brushing, de-matting, coat brushing, nail trimming, and ear cleaning will keep your dog comfortable and happy between pro visits.

Knowledge to Share

Groomer with pup

Even if you prefer to groom your dog at home, an occasional professional groom is a treat for you and your dog. Ask your groomer for tips about how to trim nails without nicking the quick, de-shed, or de-matt effectively or clean ears so you can be on top of your DIY game. Elaina’s advice is to “make sure you’re confident in using dog clippers, not human clippers. Also, make sure that the correct brushes are used for the specific coat your pup has. I always recommend rubber curry brushes for double-coated breeds and then a slicker brush and metal comb for those haircut pups.”

By asking and receiving expert advice from your groomer, you will have the confidence to tackle the tasks specific to your dog, and your groomer will appreciate you making their job just a little easier the next time you choose to have a pro do the work for you. 

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